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Students May Be Charged With Terrorism

Tuesday February 3, 2015 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Teenagers making online threats may be charged with terrorism, future academic and employment opportunities may be in jeopardy, and their parents may be sued for law enforcement recovery costs. (Continued…)

Online Bullying Not Just for Kids

Saturday January 3, 2015 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Teaching middle school kids to recognize their feelings and giving them the tools to manage their emotions is a great strategy for older kids. (Continued…)

Urgent need for SafetyNet® outside of San Diego County

Monday December 1, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

In reviewing the latest statistics of children who have been victimized online, SafetyNet® realized that sharing this knowledge has reached a point of urgency. We are now expanding our program outside San Diego County. (Continued…)

Techniques Online Predators Use to Groom Children

Monday November 3, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Online predators use a variety of methods to manipulate children into sending them child pornography or convincing them meet in person. Called "Grooming", the process is used to gain a child’s friendship, trust, and emotional reliance on the predator... (Continued…)

More than 50% of kids won't tell you they are being bullied

Friday October 3, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

10,000 kids surveyed said that they are too embarrassed to tell their parents they are being bullied... (Continued…)

Calling All Parents, Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Thursday September 18, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Calling All Parents: Keep Your Kids Safe Online - SafetyNet® media campaign runs for third year. (Continued…)

Are you a Technophobe or Cyberphobe? I Bet Your Child Isn’t Either of These!

Friday August 1, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Are you a cyberphobe? Is it time to consider integrating technology in a safe and sane manner into your children's lives? (Continued…)

June Is Internet Safety Month

Thursday June 19, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

For many children of working parents, summer means spending a lot of time on the Internet unsupervised. Now is a great time to review the apps and websites your kids are frequenting and remind them how to stay safe when using smartphones and computers. (Continued…)

San Diego Fire Emergency Information Disseminated Through Internet

Tuesday May 20, 2014 | by Patricia Maas

SafetyNet wants to thank the FIRST RESPONDERS – both fire and law enforcement – for the fantastic job they did saving homes and lives in this fire emergency. (Continued…)

Why Do Kids Love Social Networking So Much

Wednesday April 2, 2014 | by Darlene Kanzler, MA

Kids growing up today live in two worlds, the real and the virtual, where there are no clear boundaries between the two. Why do they love it so much? (Continued…)