Social Networking

 Social Networking

Social networking

Sites that kids use to share and post information about themselves and communicate online with both friends and strangers are called social networking apps and sites. Parents need to know which apps their kids are using and who they are communicating with. Kids must be at least 13 years of age to set up a profile on nearly all social networking sites and apps.  Apps are age rated, parents please review apps before allowing kids to use them.  See how apps and sites work by establishing your own profile.

Ask your child to help you set up an account or click the links below:

TIP: Have an agreement with your child about the rules you expect them to follow online and discuss the consequences if the rules are broken.

TIP: Have your child adjust his or her privacy settings so that only “friends” can view their sites. Instruct your child to never “friend” someone they don’t know.

TIP: Google your child often and set up Google Alerts with your family member's names.


97% of kids play computer, portable or console games.  Most of these games have an online interactive component, this means they can play with people from around the world and even “chat” with them. Netsmartz estimates that 27% of kids play games online with people who are strangers to them and their families.  Know which games your child is playing and who they play with or talk to in these games. Before you purchase games, learn about them by reading reviews and playing them with your child. Games are rated by age, check ratings before purchasing games for your kids.

For game reviews visit:


Facebook is still the most popular social networking site,
73% of teens use Facebook