Parental Controls

Parental controls Parental controls are the limits and monitoring that you put in place for your child's computer usage.  

Limits can take a number of forms including the time that your child can use a computer, what you allow them to do when using it.

Monitoring relates to any infomation you have access to which shows what your child does on the computer. 

Family Rules

Good parental controls start with the setting of clear Family Rules for screen time, including when your child can be online or using a computer at all and how mobile devices specifically should be managed.

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Children change as they grow, requiring different limits as they become more capable in managing their time.  Consider the different Guidelines your child will need as they grow.

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Protecting Your Child Online

Once you have set your Family Rules and considered the different Guidelines you will need for different aged children in your household you are ready to enlist some help!

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