Age-specific guidelines

Different guidelines for different ages

Once you have your Family Rules established, you will need to think about different guidelines for children of different ages.


Many children will receive their first computer or mobile device by 5 years of age.  It is very important to discuss what you set as reasonable screen time limits with your young child.

Remember that your child will model their screen time habits on you.  Set a good example to your children from an early age and they will also develop healthy screen time habits.

Middle School

As children grow they start exploring new relationships and will want to spend much more time online.  It is crucial at this stage to have very clear screen time and device usage limits for your child and also to take an active interest in what online services they are accessing.

You should make a point of checking any online activity which involves the posting of information by your child.  At this stage of their development your child should be fully aware of the implications of posting any personal information online.


Teenagers continue to expand their relationships outside of the home and will also push any limits you have set on them, including the amount of time they spend online.  It is very important that teenagers be allowed to have down time where they don't have access to their mobile devices and computers.  Teenagers are prone to over-exposure to online activity so will need your help to manage their time.