Protecting Your Child

 A number of services are available to help you enforce your Family Rules with your child's online access and overall screen time.


curbi parental controls 

curbi is a leading parental control service for Android and Apple mobile devices.

curbi helps you manage and monitor you child's mobile web and app activity.

With just a couple of clicks you can:

  • lock apps;
  • block inappropriate sites; and
  • limit screen time.

Click here to learn more and try the curbi for FREE.  Alternatively you can download curbi for your smartphone right now.

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curbi is a key supporter of the SafetyNet® program.

Personal Computers

If your child is using a Windows or Macintosh laptop or desktop computer, each operating system comes with a number of useful built-in parental control functions.

Each operating system provides a number of controls, but the most effective are the time limits.  Decide on the start and end times of any day at which your child should have access to the computer and also implement a daily time limit.

As with all parental control systems, make sure that these computer limits are a reflection of your own Family Rules. 

Home Networks

openDNS is a useful system to provide content filtering on your home network.  You can set up openDNS with a few easy steps to ensure noone on your home network can get to inappropriate content.

A number of safe network services are also available now.  These services create a new Wi-Fi network in your home which can be easily controlled with rules, filters and schedules as you decide.  The best safe network we have tried is KoalaSafe.