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Our programs are best described as self-defense classes for Internet users.  Smartphones, Internet-enabled technologies, and app usage amongst tweens and teens is at an all time high.  Teaching the responsible and ethical use of cyber technology is imperative to keeping our kids safe onlline.

The San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the San Diego Police Foundation have collaborated to create the SafetyNet® program which is now available for implementation across the United States.

The SafetyNet® program has two key components:

School Assemblies - Led by an authorised SafetyNet® presenter, middle school students attend a 45-60 minute assembly that addresses cyber safety.  Topics covered include: cyberbullying, hackers and scammers, avoiding inappropriate posts, social networking, online computer games, and Internet predators.  We also discuss the latest apps and websites kids are visiting.  Over 100,000 students have taken part in our assemblies.

Parent/Community Workshops - Community presentations are led by a SafetyNet® cyber safety advocate.  Parents/adults are invited to attend this dynamic presentation.

Parents, educators and concerned adults can visit our SafetyNet eLearning Guide to familiarize themselves with the risks and solutions to helping kids stay safe online.

To schedule a presentation in the San Diego area, or obtain more information about the SafetyNet® program, please contact:

Kristen Amicone
San Diego Police Foundation
(619) 232-2130


Internet safety education
is the key to keeping
children and teens safe online