Social Networking Threats

As of Fall 2019, 44% of US teens say they consider Snapchat to be their most important social network. Instagram came in second at 35%. You can read about more of this data by clicking here.

Sites that kids use to share information about themselves, post photos, and communicate online with both friends and strangers are called social networks. You need to know which apps your kids are using and who they are communicating with. Kids must be at least 13 years of age to set up a profile on nearly all social networking sites and apps. Apps are age rated, so please review apps before allowing your kids to use them. See how apps and sites work by establishing your own profile on those networks that are most popular with your children.

Ask your child to help you set up an account or click the links below:

TIP: Create a written, signed agreement with your child about the rules you expect them to follow online and discuss the consequences if the rules are broken.

TIP: Have your child adjust his or her privacy settings so that only “friends” can view their sites. Instruct your child to never “friend” someone they don’t know.